Tubing & Guide

  Precision Tubing
ID Tolerance:
+0.020mm, -0mm
(+0.0008", -0")

Mataco offers:

  • CG/BR/CP Precision Ceramic Guide & Single-Hole Brass/Copper Tubing
  • MCBR/MCCP Precision Multi-Channel Brass/Copper Tubing

Volume Saving:

  • Get 10% off when order 4–9 packs;
  • Get 15% off when order 10 packs or more.
  • Orders placed via our ebay store are credited the above discount amount once your order has been received by Mataco.
  • When you check out on ebay, the statement will show the subtotal based on our regular unit price.
  • If you have any questions about this policy, please call us at 888–785–7810. We are here to help.


  • Precisely fit for ceramic guide
  • 16" tubing is more economical than 12"
  • Tube length: 400mm/15.75"
  • Available in brass and copper
  • Thick–wall design provides a complete counter boring for deep hole drilling
  • OD tolerance: +0, -0.020mm (+0, -0.0008")
  • Capillary Extrusion: Special manufacturing technology offers excellent straightness and concentricity

Ceramic Guide:

  • ID Tolerance: +0.020, -0mm
  • Ceramic lined stainless steel guides provide extremely accurate location.
  • Manufactured to metric standards.
  • Size increment as small as 0.05mm (approx.0.002")

Hole Pattern:

  • For CG010~CG350 O.D.=5.98mm/0.2355"
  • For CG360~CG600 O.D.=8.98mm/0.3535"

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