EDM Brass Wire

EDM Zinc Wire and EDM Brass Wire

20 – 30% Faster Cutting / Competitive Prices

Compare the surface of Mataco EDM Wire to Conventional Wire. You can see the difference for yourself.

Gromax EDM Wire

Mataco Wire Surface

Standard EDM WIre

Conventional Wire Surface


Coated Wire Features:                

No Acid-Corrosion and No Damage to Resins: The special treatment avoids acid-corrosion on machine and work piece. Filtered water and pH will not be damaged.  Thus lengthens the life span of the ion resins.

High Surface Quality: The special treatment makes wire surface smooth,  free from dirt, rust and grease that causes inefficient electric discharge.

Standard Weight Control: By perfect control in process, we obtain the  standard weight per coil that enables us to maintain the processing  time stability and the drawing accuracy, this ensures the stable quality EDM wire.

No Weldment: The rough surface caused by welding could affect the quality and accuracy of performance. The welded wire tends to break which results in lost  time to re-thread.

High-Dimensional Precision: Due to the control system of diamond dies and lubricant, wire diameter tolerance and roundness tolerance are both limited to 1/µm.  No scratch, cracking, twisting and deformation can be found on our wire.

Outstanding Straightness: The outstanding straightness and quality Zinc Coated wire ensures smooth automatic threading.

ZINC Coated EDM Wire for Japanese Models ZINC Coated EDM Wire  for European Models  EDM Brass Wire for Japanese  Models EDM Brass Wire for European Models

Type of Wire by Application

Straight Cutting1 pass cuttingxgoodexcellent
 2 pass cutting (rough and finish)xxexcellent
 3 pass cutting
(rough, finish and re-finish
Relief Cutting1 pass cutting (relief under 10°)xgoodexcellent
1 pass cutting (relief 10°-20°)goodexcellentx
1 pass cutting (relief over 20°)excellentgoodx

Zinc Coted Wire Specificatons — CU 65% / ZN 35%

Wire TypeDiameter ToleranceDiameterBreaking Load (N/MM⊃2;)Tensile StrengthElongation %
Hard 0.10mm (0.004")
0.15mm (0.006")
0.20mm (0.008")
0.25mm (0.010")
0.30mm (0.012")
0.33mm (0.013")
1.7  Lbs.
3.8 Lbs.
6.9 Lbs.
10.8 Lbs.
15.6 Lbs.
18.8 Lbs.
980≤(142,137 psi) 0.4≤
Soft 0.20mm (0.008")
0.25mm (0.010")
0.30mm (0.012")
3.1  Lbs.
4.9 Lbs.
7.0 Lbs.
(63,961 psi)

Spool Dimensions

Spool TypeKg.Lbs.ABCD

Approximate Length of Wire Per Spool in Yards:

Wire Dea.P–3RP–5RDIN–160P–10RDIN–200P–15R
0.006" / 0.15mm22,00036,500NANANANA
0.008" / 0.20mm12,50020,80025,00041,60062,40083,200
0.010" / 0.25mm7,90013,10015,80026,20039,30052,400
0.012" / 0.30mm5,4009,00010,80018,00027,00036,000

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